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your employees to find a better balance

The health and well-being of your employees has never been so important and should be one of your main priorities. A healthy happy worker is a more productive loyal one. Never has it been so important to be having your employee’s well-being interests at the top of your list during these unique and ever-changing times.

A healthy happy worker is a more productive loyal one.

With an ever-growing demand on employers and employees, the health and well-being of staff can be over looked, which can result in staff feeling unappreciated or at worse, having to take unnecessary sick days.

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131m days of absence are taken from poor health a year.

1 in 3 staff will be off sick from suffering from mental health problems.

1 in 4 will not discuss this with employer

Source: public health England 2019/2020


We offer bespoke wellbeing packages 

We create bespoke wellbeing packages for your organizational needs.

Starting from as little as £1 per employee per month.

We can also provide mental health and first aid training to complement any wellbeing package taken out.


Or virtually

A wellbeing professional will available 1 day each month to employees to offer support on:

Mental Health



Mindset Coaching

and more...


Engage staff

in activities including:

Team building

walk and talk sessions

Wellbeing awareness


Access to a


Wellbeing &

fitness timetable


Health check of all staff to identify any red flags. Plus guidance to assist in a change of lifestyle.

Health Check



Rebecca Edwards-Symmons

Swansea City 

When the initial lockdown hit our country she was concerned for her employee’s welfare.

“ Phil has helped us to bridge the gap and we are grateful for that ”

“Phil Jones knew what we needed to do and that was to give our employees something to look forward to. Whether it be a 5-minute chat to discuss any concerns they had with their mental health, or a 30-minute meditation class to relax them, or finally a 30-minute extreme fitness test to keep them motivated. Phil and his team could manage all three scenarios, and many more, to keep our staff sane, to be honest. We have a lot of physically strong employees given we work in sport, but I think these uncertain times have shown that the mentally and physically strong characters have all had moments where they have needed someone to talk to.”


our partners

We work closely with a number of small and large organisations, working hand in hand to support health and wellbeing of their staff and the community.


Motivational speaking 

Invite our founder Phil Jones to come and tell his story.


Phil Jones is a former Royal Marine Commando with a passion for fitness and wellbeing. Whilst in the Marines, he served all around the world on conflict operations.

Upon leaving, he entered the world of Close Protection, looking after the rich and famous. He was often employed as a personal trainer to these clients helping them get in shape.

Whilst transitioning from the military, he found that life was not all as easy has he imagined adjusting back into the civilian world.

After a difficult period, he set up SO Fit to help people achieve their goals and push themselves to new levels.

SO Fit has become a multi-award-winning company in its short existence, showing that Phil's passion, drive, and skills, are a proven formula.

He is a mental health practitioner, delivering mental health workshops to corporate organisations and companies, including Swansea City AFC and Swansea University.

He also holds a degree in teaching and is about to have a book published, telling his motivating story.

Phil is a specialist in mindset and resilience techniques drawing on his experience in the Armed Forces - he can show you how to get the best out of you, and become a more rounded individual.

Hear extracts from his upcoming book from combat in Afghanistan and being held against his will in Egypt.


Resilience Workshop

Invite us in for the day

Why not invite us into your business for the day? we have accredited instructors who can deliver bespoke workshops focusing on resilience, and improving the Health and wellbeing of your employees.

In our workshops, tactics and intervention techniques can be offered to help managers be more proactive at improving their workforce's Health and Wellbeing.

Effectively preventing a decline in staff morale and time taken off work.

Inclusive sessions and activities can be tailored to your company needs.


“ well thought out session that has had, and will have lasting benefits ”

“Phil came in to present as part of a mental health awareness day held for our senior management team, which was intended to help our senior managers reflect on both their own and their teams mental health, and work through ways of approaching the everyday challenges that often make up the workplace.


Phil presented on resilience and hosted four sessions, all of which received excellent feedback from the teams. The sessions were interactive and engaging, whilst not shying away from some of the hard-hitting elements around personal mental health.


He worked with, rather than dictated to, the teams to facilitate resilience strategies that would work with and applied to our organisation.


Both Phil and Sian were friendly and professional and delivered a great, well thought out session that has had and will have lasting benefits.”


Claire - project manager - DVLA


Mental health

first aid

first aid training 

Our instructors are not only highly qualified but have real-time experience in treating casualties and dealing with mental health illnesses.


We offer a friendly, approachable environment where learners are always given the assistance they need from specialists.